Report – Burning question: why hydrogen boilers are not the answer

The research is crystal clear: hydrogen should not be used to heat homes. It is time for us to leave behind the hype of hydrogen and focus on other more realistic – and immediately available – solutions that are both climate- and consumer-friendly. Find out more in our new report! Hydrogen should not be considered […]

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Let’s end sales of fossil fuel boilers through ecodesign

2023 is a decisive year for the future of ‘stand-alone’ fossil fuel boilers in Europe. The European Commission and EU Member States have a unique opportunity to phase out sales of these highly polluting appliances using ecodesign rules. The moment to act on domestic heating and secure Europe’s climate neutral future has arrived. Water and […]

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How ecodesign and energy labelling can decarbonise heating

On 27 April, stakeholders and national experts will meet at a Consultation Forum that will be crucial in our quest to climate neutrality: EU member states will discuss new ecodesign rules for space and water heaters. In practical terms, raising the energy-efficiency threshold of these appliances could result in a de facto ban on gas […]

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Industry warms up to the clean heat transition, calls on policies to follow 

The private sector is warming up to renewable heating, with the heating industry sending positively warm signals about a green energy transition for the third year in a row. Many companies have started to clean transition walk, and are calling on policymakers to match their efforts with the legal talk.   According to the European Environmental […]

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Off the menu: are gas cooking appliances on their way out?

The European Commission now has an opportunity to phase out gas cooking in the EU households as it reviews the ecodesign rules for domestic cooking appliances. Doing so would slash CO2 emissions, and dramatically improve indoor air quality. It’s simple: gas cooking pollutes the air we breathe at home. Pollution from gas hobs and stoves contributes […]

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Do portable air purifiers really work?

Air pollution is one of the major risk factors for serious diseases and premature death, and as most Europeans spend over 90% of their lives indoors, a good indoor climate is important. That’s why Green Transition Denmark (a Coolproducts member), the Danish Technological Institute and the Danish Consumer Council have carried out a study on […]

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Less despair, more repair: EU smartphone and tablet regulations need to become airtight

The European Commission recently published the draft smartphone and tablet proposals, expected to make our devices longer-lasting, easier to repair, and the best performing models easier to identify. However, the screws still need tightening to push the tech industry towards making devices repairable for the benefits of both consumers and the environment. Nearly 20 years […]

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Out of the woods – How can ecodesign reduce the negative impacts of solid fuel heating?

Home heating appliances are high on the EU policy agenda. With energy prices soaring, and as leaders look for energy sources alternative to Russia, many look for ways to switch off their gas boilers… but stay warm this winter. In this scenario, demand for biomass heating appliances is on the rise. Biomass heating systems to burn […]

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Pioneering ecodesign rules could make solar energy even cleaner

A new European Commission proposal for ecodesign and energy labelling rules for photovoltaic panels (PVs) and inverters takes promising steps to make solar energy even cleaner, as panels are set to generate an ever-increasing proportion of Europe’s energy supply. A pioneering carbon footprint threshold for solar panels is also on the cards Pioneering ecodesign rules […]

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Long-term vision wanted: energy efficiency (not gas purchases) will get us through future winters

Emergency plans are necessary to keep Europe running this winter. But EU leaders should keep sight of our long-term needs: energy independence, affordable bills, and meeting our climate commitments. Energy savings must be at the heart of these plans. We have the tools: Ecodesign and energy labelling, the phase-out of gas boilers, smart grid deployment, […]

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