Out of the woods – How can ecodesign reduce the negative impacts of solid fuel heating?

Home heating appliances are high on the EU policy agenda. With energy prices soaring, and as leaders look for energy sources alternative to Russia, many look for ways to switch off their gas boilers… but stay warm this winter. In this scenario, demand for biomass heating appliances is on the rise. Biomass heating systems to burn […]

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Long-term vision wanted: energy efficiency (not gas purchases) will get us through future winters

Emergency plans are necessary to keep Europe running this winter. But EU leaders should keep sight of our long-term needs: energy independence, affordable bills, and meeting our climate commitments. Energy savings must be at the heart of these plans. We have the tools: Ecodesign and energy labelling, the phase-out of gas boilers, smart grid deployment, […]

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Ban for good: end of fossil fuel boiler can pave EU’s way out of Russian gas

A blanket ban of gas and oil boilers can slash EU’s imports of Putin’s gas by up to 28%, the latest Coolproducts study finds [1]. Silver bullets do not exist in policy-making, but the renewable heating bullet is as silver as it can get: supporting EU security, tackling energy poverty, all the while clearing national […]

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Fossilised: is fossil heating finally becoming a thing of the past?

Soon, fossil fuel boilers could be consigned to history. First, as part of REPowerEU, the Commission suggested that new fossil heating appliances would be off the market as of 2029. In addition, the draft Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) sets 2035 as the final year for fossil fuel heating to be allowed at all. […]

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Overcoming the real bottlenecks to European renewable transition

The EU is looking to lower the barriers to renewable energy investment and adoption to urgently divert away from Russian gas. However, the solution proposed is endangering environmental standards, instead of tackling long-standing bottlenecks in technical, human, and financial resources, writes Bich Dao. Ukraine’s ravaging devastation has made turning off the Russian gas tap to […]

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Out of the woods: Using ecodesign to reduce the negative impacts of solid fuel heating – New report

The path towards heating decarbonisation is paved with highly efficient electric heat pumps and solar energy. Nonetheless, some see a role for biomass in the transition, considering it a renewable solution. Is it though? In a new Coolproducts report, ECOS experts offer recommendations on how solid fuel heating can become a rarely used solution in […]

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The European heating market is ready to phase out fossil gas – a joint call from NGOs and industry

Findings from the latest domestic heating market analysis reveal the companies leading the renewable heating transition in Europe. These industry front-runners, together with the largest European network of environmental NGOs, call on legislators to support heating’s green transformation in a joint press release. The European Environmental Bureau (EEB), on behalf of Coolproducts campaign, just released […]

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Heat pumps perform successfully across Europe – New consumer analysis

Heat pumps and solar thermal systems are keeping users all across Europe well in their comfort zones –  physically, financially, and environmentally. The latest Coolproducts analysis reveals that 88% of European users are satisfied with the switch to renewable heating. There is life beyond gas boilers, and it’s a cosy one according to the majority […]

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Non-replaceable batteries are bad news for the environment and consumers

Planning to buy a smartphone, an e-bike or any other product that includes a rechargeable battery for Christmas? A new research by Right to Repair Europe, the EEB and the University of Lund shows that most batteries in today’s products cannot be easily removed, replaced or repaired, resulting in shorter device lifetimes, a loss of […]

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Polluting heatwaves: China dumps their unwanted energy-wasting fans in Europe

Data compiled by TopTen Switzerland suggest that Chinese comfort fan producers sell energy-guzzling products to Europe and other regions. Given that these products are not even allowed in China, the EU should also ban them from the bloc’s market, by setting minimum energy efficiency limits, writes Hélène Rochat. Comfort fans are often a good alternative […]

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