Heating and cooling

25 Apr 23

Report – Burning question: why hydrogen boilers are not the answer

The research is crystal clear: hydrogen should not be used to heat homes. It is time for us to leave behind the hype of hydrogen and focus on other more realistic – and immediately available – solutions that are both climate- and consumer-friendly. Find out more in our new report!

Hydrogen should not be considered as a viable option for domestic heating. The suggestion that it could be is unrealistic and complicates a question for which a simpler answer already exists. Electric heat pumps are the primary way forward. There is also a place for district heating (powered by large-scale heat pumps, solar energies, and clean waste heat sources), solar thermal energy, geothermal power, or solar PV (and/or combinations to be coupled with electric heat pumps).

Instead, this valuable resource must be channelled to sectors that are ‘hard-to-abate’, such as energy-intensive industries. Hydrogen is scarce – renewable hydrogen even more so. Let’s use it in the right way.