Heating and cooling

13 Jul 23

NGOs and industry organisations call for a phase out of fossil boilers

Industry organisations and NGOs call for fossil fuel boilers to be phased out via EU product policy and for renewable heating to be made the norm. This will help deliver the REPowerEU goals and the EU Save Energy Plan.

In line with the EU’s aim to increase independence from fossil fuel as indicated in the REPowerEU and EU Save Energy Plans, the European Commission proposed the inclusion of a minimum energy efficiency requirement on all new central space heaters from September 2029 under its revised Ecodesign rules. This minimum requirement would result in a progressive phase-out from the market of the least efficient technologies, namely stand-alone fossil fuel boilers, from that year onwards, giving the necessary time for the heating sector to adapt accordingly.

The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE), the Environmental Coalition on Standards (ECOS) and the European Environment Bureau (EEB) strongly support the Commission’s proposal and believe that this step is essential to achieving the full decarbonisation of heating in EU buildings by 2050, a cornerstone of REPowerEU and the EU Climate law.