03 Oct 19

The ugly truth about electric heaters

Do you #knowYourheater? Of course you don’t, how could you when it doesn’t even have an energy label?

 Consumers are still not informed of the poor performance of portable electric heaters, which can be bought at very low prices and can effectively comply with the existing ecodesign regulation with a simple mechanic thermostat control.

 The low price is, however, offset by the related energy consumption which inflates the electricity bills – something consumers may not fully realise when making that purchase.

 This is why today we say: #knowYourheater! The Coolproducts Campaign thinks it is about time for the European Commission to include electric heaters in the scope of the energy label, so that consumers can learn that they are, in fact, a G-class product.

 The truth about electric heaters is as plain as it is ugly: they use up large amounts of energy, cause electricity peaks in wintertime and are highly inefficient.

 You didn’t know? It’s high time you found out – winter is coming!


Follow up:

  • Read our  position paper, published in September, which triggered a discussion in the Consultation Forum.

  • Would you like push the Commission to seal the deal? Download and share our infographic, available in English, French and Portuguese!