Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances, covering gas and electric ovens, hobs and range hoods / extractor fans, numbered some 36 million units sold in 2010. 

These products triggered primary energy demand of 755PJ in 2010, according to research for the European Commission, equivalent to the residential energy demand of Spain and the Czech Republic combined.

What’s the European Union doing?

Ecodesign requirements for domestic kitchen appliances were adopted in February 2014, with a range of additional improvements scheduled to come into force gradually over the next 5 years. An energy labelling regulation entered into force in October 2013, with domestic range hoods having a staged implementation; an A to G scale is established in 2015, followed by scales of A+ to F scale in 2016, A++ to E scale in 2018, and A+++ to D scale in 2020. For domestic ovens, the A+++ to D scale will be displayed on these products from 2015 onwards.

The expected energy savings from the combined effect of these regulations is expected to be 27PJ annually by 2020, roughly equivalent to the residential electricity consumption needs of 2 million EU citizens.

What does the Coolproducts campaign want?

For Ecodesign requirements:

  • Extend the regulation to the full range of kitchen appliances, including products such as microwaves.
  • More stringent efficiency requirements for hobs and hoods at the advanced stage of implementation (aka  ‘tier 3’)

For energy labelling:

  • Introduce energy labels for domestic hobs, which are currently excluded. 
  • A focus on primary energy for ovens to highlight the far greater efficiency of gas compared to electric.  
  • Consideration of the whole appliance, not just specific features.
  • Raise the bar for range hoods, making the top classes of the energy label more difficult to reach. This will allow for differentiation, innovation and further efficiency gains.

Coolproducts' technical input and position papers are availble below

2012 - Position on working documents on the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling of kitchen appliances

2012 - Position on 2nd working documents on the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling of kitchen appliances