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11 Jun 21

Making sustainable products the norm: ECOS reflections on the review of the Ecodesign Directive

Coolproducts partner ECOS strongly supports the intention of the European Commission to widen the scope of the Ecodesign Directive so to make products placed on the EU market fit for a climate-neutral, resource-efficient and
circular economy. The Ecodesign Directive has a proven track record in successfully improving
environmental performance of energy-related products by setting specific and forward-looking
minimum requirements. The expansion of the framework is therefore justifiably at the centre of the EU’s
ambition to gradually make sustainable products the norm.

It is ECOS’ view that any review of the Directive should not only deliver on the enlarged scope, but also
meaningfully build – and improve upon – the experience gathered during its implementation to date.
ECOS has been a key stakeholder actively supporting the development of the policy all throughout the
policy cycle for well over a decade. In this paper, we set out our reflections on the aspects of the current
Directive which are key to be preserved upon review of the legal text, as well as our suggestions for
further improvement, including some specific proposals related to the enlarged scope of the instrument.

Read ECOS position paper here.