Electrical and applicances

11 Jan 24

Feedback to call for evidence: ecodesign and energy labelling – electronic displays (review of requirements)

ECOS, Deutsche Umwelthilfe, IFixIt, and the Coolproducts campaign welcome the publication of the call for evidence for an impact assessment on the review of the eco-design and energy labelling requirements for electronic displays. We strongly support the assessment which has been done of the problems that this review should tackle, particularly concerning the scope of the regulation, the balance of stringency between larger and smaller products, the lack of information to consumers, the room for improvement concerning material efficiency and the limitation of substances of concern.

Our feedback to the call for evidence contains both relevant information about the way eco-design and energy labelling requirements for electronic displays are currently implemented, as well as recommendations on how to solve the problems identified by the call for evidence.

Access the document here