Heating and Cooling

11 Apr 22

Enhancing the role of Ecodesign and Energy Labelling of heating products for REPowerEU

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the recent publication of the REPowerEU communication and following the action plan, the EU has committed to drastically accelerating the clean energy transition and increasing Europe’s energy independence from fossil fuel imports. To do so, it is now more vital than ever that the heavily gas-reliant heating sector moves away from fossil gas.

A strengthened Ecodesign regulation and Energy Label for heating appliances is an immediate opportunity for the European Commission to take decisive action to facilitate and accelerate consumer access to heating options that do not rely on fossil fuel, such as heat pumps. The Commission holds the levers to ensure a sustainable diversification away from Russian energy imports, and accelerate the European clean energy transition, while structurally securing energy supplies and lowering energy demand.

The EEB and ECOS, on behalf of Coolproducts, together with 7 other organisations, urge the European Commission to take bold action through the revised Ecodesign and Energy Labelling regulations for heating appliances.

Read our full letter to the European Commission here.