EU Governments keep fueling dirty heating – New analysis

Ahead of ‘Fit for 55’, a new analysis shows that 16 out of 27 member states are still financing fossil fuel heating, despite calls to phase out gas boilers by 2025 to achieve EU climate neutrality goals. These dirty subsidies cripple the deployment of clean heating technologies such as heat pumps and solar thermal devices. […]

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EU Commission paralysis delays phase-out of fossil fuel boilers

The European Commission’s lack of ambition in phasing out fossil fuel heating systems is jeopardising frontrunners and rewarding laggards, endangering everyone’s climate ambition.  Read our full analysis in our background briefing Time is running out for the European Union to decarbonise the heating sector, which accounts for 12% of total CO2 emissions in Europe. So […]

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The domestic heating industry has no plans for climate neutrality – new Brand Audit

A new brand audit reveals that most of Europe’s leading manufacturers of heating systems are delaying the phase-out of fossil gas and oil boilers, putting the EU on path to miss its 2030 and 2050 climate targets. The heating and cooling sector is responsible for half of the EU’s annual energy consumption and a third […]

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New energy labels on appliances and TVs as of 1 March: NGOs praise updates but call on the EU to move faster on labels for more products

Coolproducts – a group of over 20 European NGOs, co-led by ECOS and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) – welcomes the rescaled energy labels on home appliances and TVs but asks the EU to ramp up ambition to unlock game-changing savings. As of 1 March, four different types of electrical appliances will see their energy […]

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Clean heat grants are failing to green our homes – New analysis

Most households in low-income countries cannot afford to buy clean heating solutions despite green subsidy schemes becoming increasingly popular, a new analysis shows. This leaves people with no choice but to install overly subsidised gas boilers, which are threatening Europe’s decarbonisation goals.     A household in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Portugal or Romania may take […]

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Mapping Europe’s subsidies for fossil fuel heating systems

A new analysis shows that most EU governments pay millions of euro in subsidies to have new gas boilers installed in our homes, despite evidence that this is slowing down the uptake of renewable heat and undermining Europe’s 2030 climate goals. Only seven countries in the EU have so far stopped the flood of public […]

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The EU must phase out new fossil fuel heaters by 2025 – or will not reach climate neutrality on time

A phase out of gas and oil boilers could bring about 110 million tonnes of annual CO2 savings by 2050, research by Coolproducts experts shows. This is two thirds of the total emissions reduction needed from residential and public buildings to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. New research carried out by Coolproducts experts shows that […]

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Ecodesign ‘omnibus’ amendment: a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Campaign co-founder ECOS reports on a worrying threat to the already adopted 2019 ecodesign regulations, and on what EU member states can do to avoid it. This reaction is part of the 'Right to Repair' campaign.

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New energy labels in the boxes of TVs and kitchen appliances

The transition period for introducing new energy labels for dishwashers, fridges, freezers, washing machines, washer driers, electronic displays and TVs is kicking off. Appliance suppliers will start sending the new energy labels to retailers as of 1 November. For the next four months, however, shops will continue displaying old labels – as of 1 March […]

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Stop funding new fossil gas boilers – NGOs and industry

Today we teamed up with industry groups to condemn unfair competition and hostile market conditions for renewable heat solutions . Without an EU-wide plan to stop subsidising gas boilers, Europe will jeopardise its own climate neutrality goals.

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