Throwaway printers, luxury inks, killer chips …and their shocking environmental impact

While many aspire to a paperless office or home, the reality is that 24.8 million printers were sold in Europe in 2016, and only a slight decline in this sales trend is expected in the future. With current printers becoming increasingly disposable and the majority of cartridges ending up in landfill, it is high time for the EU to take action.

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The ugly truth about electric heaters

Do you #knowYourheater? Of course you don’t, how could you when it doesn’t even have an energy label? Consumers are still not informed of the poor performance of portable electric heaters, which can be bought at very low prices and can effectively comply with the existing ecodesign regulation with a simple mechanic thermostat control.

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EU to pull plug on wasteful, unrepairable products

Newly adopted EU laws will make several products easier to repair and more energy efficient, saving people money while reducing pollution, NGOs in the Coolproducts campaign said.

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Revealed: The climate cost of ‘disposable smartphones’

Extending the lifespan of smartphones and other electronics by just one year would save the EU as much carbon emissions as taking 2 million cars off the roads annually, a new study finds.

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No more halogenated flame retardants in plastic enclosure and stands of display

Halogenated flame retardants in plastic casing and stands of electronic displays will be banned from the EU market from March 2021 onward. Here’s all you need to know.

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The problem with batteries

Batteries are an essential product in the EU’s pathway to decarbonization. But experts in the EU are increasingly concerned about their hidden environmental cost and are calling for immediate solutions.

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The Energy Label should go circular – new postcard from ECOS!

As Europe works towards revamping this well-known EU guide to better products, ECOS and the Coolproducts Campaign argue it is high time for the Energy Label to also inform consumers on the durability and repairability of products, and help meet the Circular Economy objectives.

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Tyred of microplastic releases?

Tyres are the main source of unintentional microplastic emissions into the environment. That’s why the tyre label should contain information on tyre resistance to wear and tear.

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Newly approved energy labels can transform the way we shop

EU consumers can expect significant energy and monetary savings following today’s adoption by the European Commission of new rules for the iconic EU energy label, Coolproducts campaigners said.

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NEW Briefing: Ecodesign & Energy Labelling Package – All You Need To Know

Today, on 11 March 2019, the EU has adopted the first part of its long-awaited Ecodesign & Energy Labelling Package. The Coolprodcuts Campaign has been following the developments related to this unprecedented package of measures very closely. We have also just released a briefing which will answer all your questions related to the "Ecodesign Package".

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