Under construction: the EU database for energy labelled products

Following the revision of the Energy Labelling framework in 2017, the EU has decided to set-up an EU database for products with an Energy Label. Coolproducts has called for this database to be put in place for many years and is being consulted on how it should be set-up and be fully operational by 1 January 2019.

This product database will simplify and enhance the work of market surveillance authorities, by giving access to all technical documentation and public data specified in the product regulations. Data will be standardised, centralised, and available immediately. This will enable better cooperation and collaboration between MSAs and in turn, more effective market surveillance with less resources.

Coolproducts hopes the opportunity is seized to make this database a useful tool for legislators too. If the criteria are respected, it could help monitor the market and feed into policy developments. Coolproducts will continue taking part in the database discussions through 2018.