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The big names proving that energy efficiency is a golden policy whose time has come

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EU product policies will save every home €490 per year

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Consumer associations support product policies

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Impact of product efficiency rules

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92% of Europeans want more efficiency

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Clear labels and innovation turn white goods green

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The biggest innovation in energy is to go without

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Green policies help economic recovery

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Product policies save £3.8 for every £1 spent

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EU final energy consumption below 2020 targets

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UK using less energy while economy grows

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Product lifespans are getting shorter

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French authorities are not doing much product testing

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93% think climate more a threat than economic instability

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67% want the EU to do more to help the environment

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Energy consumption falling, making the EU more competitive

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Homes are more efficient each year from 2000-2014

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EU Ecodesign is Germany’s second most effective efficiency policy

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Europe gets a lot of oil from Russia, Libya and Iraq

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Price of LED light bulbs has crashed

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Computers can cut electricity use in half at a negligible cost

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Commissioner Cañete: “Towards an Effective Energy Union

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Product policies as important as the Emissions Trading Scheme

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European Alliance to Save Energy

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82% of German consumers support standards to limit the energy consumption of home appliances


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