Tumble driers

Tumble driers

A typical clothes drier can consume more than double the energy of a washing machine, and the number of units found in EU households is increasing. With various options available to reduce energy consumption in these products, it is vital the European Commission continues to set ambitious requirements for these products.

Switzerland has been the first country to introduce a mandatory shift to more efficient heat pump driers. In the EU, policymakers remain hesitant.

What’s the European Union doing?

Energy label and Ecodesign rules for tumble driers were adopted in 2012. Staggered Ecodesign requirements enter into force in 2013 and 2015, while the energy label became mandatory from May 2013. These measures will lead to 3.3 TWh of savings per year from 2020, equivalent to the residential electricity consumption of Slovenia. A legislative review is planned for 2017.

What does the coolproducts campaign want?

  • Heat pump driers should be recognised as the gold standard technology in the longer-term (at tier 3 stage). A safeguard clause should be introduced in case prices do not drop sufficiently.

  • A straightforward implementation of humidity sensors to stop the programme when clothes are dry will avoid waste energy.

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