Power transformers

Power transformers

One of the first industrial products to be improved by Ecodesign are power transformers. Transformers are an integral part of any power grid as they transmit,  distribute  and allow for the utilisation of electricical energy.

The energy performance of power transformers is currently being improved around the globe. In the EU alone, total losses from inefficiencies in 2008 amounted to 93.4 TWh per year, equivalent to almost 12 percent of the continent's residential electricity consumption. 

What’s the European Union doing?

A regulation covering this group was adopted in May 2014. The cost-effective improvement potential through more efficient design has been estimated in about 16.2 TWh per year in 2025, which corresponds to 3.7 Mt of CO2 emissions.

A first stage of Ecodesign requirements entered into force in 2015, with a further tier in 2021. Legislative review by the European Commission is likely by 2017.

What does the Coolproducts campaign want?

  • Enlarge the scope of the regulation. Assess whether the list of exemptions needs to be as long as it is.
  • Bring forward Tier 2 requirements to 2019 and introduce stricter limits for medium power transformers (so-called 'maximum no-load losses' at Ao-20%).
  • Phase out medium power pole-mounted transformers by 2019. These are a potential loophole in the regulation.
  • An energy label should be established for  small transformers.

Coolproducts' technical input and position papers:

2017 - Coolproducts position paper on the possible Ecodesign revision of transformers

2017 – Technical contribution to draft review study report

2012 - Position on Working Document regarding the Ecodesign requirements on transformers