Industrial Fans

Industrial Fans

Fans are widely used in industrial and commercial applications. From shop ventilation to material handling and boiler applications, fans are critical for process support. In 2015, industrial fans were using 300 TWh electricity per year, making this group the third largest electricity consumer in the current Ecodesign scope after industrial motors and lamps.


Fans put on the EU market must fulfil energy efficiency requirements put in place as of January 2013. The fans concerned have an electrical input power between 125 Watts (0.125 kW) and 500 kW. Thanks to these measures and the updated, tougher requirements put in place from 2015, it is estimated that the EU is saving 28 TWh electricity per year, equivalent to the residential electricity consumption of the Netherlands.

It is now time to revise the rules, and make them relevant to the new models developed. The revision is in progress, and an extra 10 TWh of energy savings could be reached every year from 2030, corresponding to the residential electricity consumption of Denmark. The adoption of the new rules is expected in 2018.


  • Regulate smaller fans (30W to 125W). These are sold in the millions and have incredibly low efficiency rates.
  • Have a common, ambitious efficiency requirement. The regulation currently sets different objectives depending on fan technologies and geometries. Harmonised efficiency requirements will help remove the remaining least efficient fan types from the market.
  • Do not allow unjustified exemptions. Some manufacturers argue that fans integrated into other (regulated) products should be exempted from the regulation, we disagree with this.
  • Highlight the presence of rare earth materials in permanent magnet motors. This is important for recycling purposes. 


Coolproducts' technical input and position papers:

2015 – Position paper on the European Commission draft proposal to revise the Fans regulation

2015 – Contribution to the preparatory study on the review of the Fans regulation 327/2011