Electrical appliances


Compressors are machines which increase the pressure of air, gas or vapour through mechanical work. They are used in very diverse industrial processes like refining, exploration and production, chemical industry, medical applications, but also as process enabler in blowing processes (for beverage glass containers for example). 

According to preparatory studies for the European Commission published in 2014 and 2017, these products use as much as 82 TWh of electricity per year in the EU, that is as much as the total electricity consumption of Belgium. As much as 6 TWh/year could, however, be saved through minimum performance requirements.

What is the EUROPEAN UNION doing?

The adoption of an ecodesign measure for compressors has been delayed for years. The European Commission is holding further consultations, with the vote on a regulation expected in 2020 (combining requirements for standard air, low pressure and oil free types).

What does the Coolproducts campaign want?

  • Tight ecodesign requirements at the level of the least life-cycle cost options, to maximise the energy savings from this product group

  • A mandatory and standardised marking of products containing rare earth magnets, to facilitate future recycling practices.

Coolproducts technical input and position papers:

2019 – Standard air and Oil free/low pressure compressors: Position on the Ecodesign Regulation proposals

2016 – Technical contribution to the second compressors study: Tasks 1-4

2014 – Input to the consultation forum on standard air compressors

2014 – Input on standard air compressors to the horizontal consultation forum