The Ecodesign and Energy Labelling rules currently in force for boilers (central heating) and water heaters were adopted in 2013. It had taken several years of strenuous discussions to develop them, and they are now being revised.

Heating represents almost a quarter of the EU energy consumption and CO2 emissions, which means that huge energy savings could be achieved through an ambitious regulation. Decarbonising heat must become a priority if we want to achieve our climate objectives, and the commitments set in the 2050 long-term strategy for decarbonising the EU.

The Coolproducts Campaign published a position paper advocating for a more ambitious revision of the rules for boilers and water heaters than what is currently envisaged. Our view is that inefficient electric appliances and those operated with fossil fuels should be phased out of the market by 2030 in order to reach our decarbonisation goals. To that end, the energy label needs to be revised without delay, so that these appliances are relegated to the bottom classes of the scale.