Only four months left for the Commission to finalise its Package of up to 14 Ecodesign measures and 6 Energy Labels, which should be adopted by 2 November 2018.

Together, these measures will save up to 165TWh per year by 2030, which corresponds to over 5% of the overall EU electricity consumption. The package will entail key requirements to facilitate repair and recycling of products, further empowering consumers, in line with the EU Circular Economy and Consumer protection agendas. It will implement the display in shops of clearer labels, without the confusing A+, A++ and A+++.

The Package should include new measures on a series of domestic appliances (fridges, washing machines, etc), electronics (displays, servers), and industrial products such as motors and fans. Next steps are the internal validation of the drafts by the Commission, the notification to the World Trade Organisation, and finally the vote by Member States in October.

ECOS, the EEB and the members of the Coolproducts are working to support the swift adoption of an ambitious and comprehensive package.